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Turkey Time = Bird Care Month

For the rest of this month, I’m going to be highlighting bird care. We can’t save all the birds (sorry turkeys), but we can discuss health, enrichment, training, and body language of our feathered friends.

Know your bird’s body language!

Beak grinding or clicking can mean that the bird is content, happy, or wants your attention.

If your bird has a crest, such as cockatiels do, a raised crest can suggest interest and curiosity. A flat crest can indicate fear. When working with my ‘tiel Petey, if my hand gets too close too fast, he’ll open his mouth, squawk slightly, and lay his crest against his head. This is how he tells me, “Hey, you need to move away a little bit,” or “You’re comin’ in hot. Slow it down so I can process what’s happening easier.”

Tail flaring can mean that your bird is over-excited and can also be a warning that a bite is about to happen. According to (2021), “About half the time you handle a bird when it is flaring its tail, you’re going to be bitten.”

Puffing up can mean a few different things. It can be a sign that your bird is cold, and you need to raise the temperature in the house, that the bird is relaxed, or it may be telling you to go away.

I hope these fun facts were interesting and helpful! Stay tuned for more.


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