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The Importance of Crate Training Your Dog

Some people see the crate or kennel as a bad thing, but it’s really not. Like any tool, it can be abused, but if used correctly your dog will see it as their own “bedroom”, a safe space they can go to relax, take a nap, or have their own space.

For my personal dogs, my board and trains, or my boarding dogs, I want them to feel safe and secure and see the crate as a positive place. One thing I will do is feed my dogs in their crates, give them high value treats or chews in their crates, and have them go in the crate to take a nap or a break from paying. Remember, too, that if your dog goes to the vet they’ll be put in a crate or a kennel, so it’s better to prepare them for these situations.

Crates are especially useful for potty training, keeping a puppy or new dog safe while you’re away, and introducing a new dog to the family. Would you give a baby or a toddler free roam of a room, especially when you’re sleeping or not paying attention to them? No, we put them in a crib or a play pen when we need to do chores or when it’s time for bed. Think of your dog’s crate as the same thing. It’s there to keep them safe and make them feel safe, not as a punishment.

Always remember, if you need help or have questions, you can reach out to me for a care class.

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