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How Long Can Pet Birds Live?

Thinking of adding a bird to your menagerie? Consider that different birds have different lifespans, especially if you’re buying the bird as a pet for your kid. I know that some young adults will leave their pet behind at their parents’ house (my sister did this) when they go to college or move out, so think about who is going to be caring for the bird, or pet in general, in the long run.

According to Alyson Kalhagen (2020), large parrots like Macaws and Amazons can live up to 100 years with excellent care. Other large parrots, like Indian Ringnecks (the famous Hamlet from TikTok is an Indian Ringneck) and African Grays can live about 25 years, while Cockatoos can live to 40.

Medium and small sized pet birds, such as cockatiels, doves, and quaker parrots can live from 10-25 or 30 years. Love birds and doves tend to be in the 10–15-year range, while smaller finches live about 5 years.

Further, this is a good reminder that while pet birds have been around a while, they’re not considered domesticated:

"Dogs and cats have been bred by humans for thousands of years for qualities that make them desirable as pets. Birds have not. The pet bird in your home is the same as that bird's wild cousin. It hasn't been domesticated to be a good pet. Instead of the bird seamlessly fitting into your home, you have to adjust and teach the bird acceptable behavior" (Kalhagen, 2020).

Please keep your animals’ life span in mind when thinking of brining one into your home. Pets are quite the commitment and some people need to be reminded of that.


Kalhagen, 2020. Little-Known Facts About Pet Birds.

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