The BEST Soft Dog Beds

I’ve been buying my own dogs’ beds, toys, equipment, etc., for over ten years now. The best I’ve found for dog beds are waterproof toddler mattresses. The waterproof cover makes for an easy clean up if they get dirty and prevents the inner foam mattress from getting soiled as well. The Hiccapop Pack and Play hasn’t gone flat and is easy to take with me on trips or move to another room. I also started putting waterproof sheets on the mattresses just for added protection and ea

The Importance of Crate Training Your Dog

Some people see the crate or kennel as a bad thing, but it’s really not. Like any tool, it can be abused, but if used correctly your dog will see it as their own “bedroom”, a safe space they can go to relax, take a nap, or have their own space. For my personal dogs, my board and trains, or my boarding dogs, I want them to feel safe and secure and see the crate as a positive place. One thing I will do is feed my dogs in their crates, give them high value treats or chews in the