Spry Pets LLC
We Treat Your Family Like Our Family!

Vision Statement

To help educate people in how to best care for and communicate with their pets so they can live the most comfortable, loved, and fulfilled lives.


Mission Statement

To create a safe space for people and animals to learn and to lead enriched and loved lives.


All About Me

  My name is Jaclyn Spry and I have always loved being around animals and would more often rather spend my time with them than anyone else. I grew up on a farm with chickens, guineas, dogs, cats, and cows, and cultivated a love for all of them. I started becoming interested in training when I was in first grade and could FINALLY read and checkout my own books at the library. Over the years, I taught my mother's Chow Chow to sit and down, and taught our family's cows to come to a whistle. When I moved to Omaha, I had the opportunity to work for a boarding and daycare facility, as well as a training company, and my love for animals grew to include reptiles, fish, and birds. 

    My family currently consists of John (human), Apollo and Daphne (Great Danes), Tyr (Cocker Spaniel), Petey and Tootie (Cockatiels), Hephaestus and Mara (Bearded Dragons)*, Jupiter and Neptune (Three-toed Box Turtles)*, and Halo (Betta Fish).

*Bearded dragons and box turtles are not housed together. Both are solitary creatures unless breeding. Please do not cohabitate bearded dragons, box turtles, or other animals that prefer solitude.

Multi-Colored Cat
White Cat
Licking Cat
Happy Pup
Dog in Action